Register for Mira

There is a one-time registration fee of $99.99, with a maximum of $150 for a family. For $130.00 a month per person (max $380/month for family), you get direct access to your physician through their cell phone, email, or even social media. You will have little to no wait time to see your physician, and the visit is no longer on a time schedule. This allows your physician to spend quality time with you, getting to know your entire history, and creating a true patient-physician relationship.

There are no third parties or any fee for service billing to inflate costs. There is no required commitment for a certain number of months. There are no copays for office visits. Labs are done at cost. See our list of lab prices here: LAB PRICES

We will also work to improve care for patients who are not in the office. This model is a champion for patients who are busy and do not have time to take off work and come to a doctor’s office in the middle of the week.

Why Mira?

When did we decide to let a guy in a suit in another city give you a plastic card with your number on it and make you use that every time you want to talk to your doctor? For the patient, primary care in the current model has become a maze of filling out paperwork, seeking approval, waiting, phone calls, return phone calls, deductibles, copays, and referrals to another doctor who will make you repeat all of these steps.

For a doctor, the current primary care model is frustratingly impersonal when you remove the opportunity for shared experiences and for service. What we’re left with is churn-and-burn, administrative abuse, and a job. As your doctor, I do not want that for you or myself. I want to serve you, share in the experience of helping you achieve better health, and walk alongside you as you achieve your goals. I’ve spent the better part of my life learning about the human body and disease so that I can truly help people when they most need it.

With the Direct Primary Care model, you have direct access to me, and I want you to spend time telling me about what you need. Visits are at least an hour long if you need that time. We can also handle many things over the phone or via text when medically appropriate. You get medicine at wholesale costs. For instance, I can provide you with a 30 day supply of Lisinopril, a common blood pressure medicine, for 40 cents. Your labs and imaging are also performed at wholesale costs, and the savings are passed on to you.


If you’d like to know more, set up a time to meet me in person, and we can discuss how DPC can be a part of your life.