The value of direct primary care

Traditional practices are set up with a copay system, which is a barrier to entry. When you remove that barrier to entry, patients are able to see their doctor when there is a need. They are less likely to put something off until it is a serious condition or will require a more costly and invasive treatment.

Labs are performed at cost. There is no markup. You pay what we pay. See what our price list looks like here: LAB PRICES

X-rays, MRIs, and CTs are obtained at or near wholesale prices, and this savings is passed on to the patient. Also, most generic medications are administered right in the doctor’s office without the need to visit the pharmacy.   These are available at or near wholesale prices, which saves you money. Contact us if you have a question about your medicine and want to see how much money we can save you. Often times, it is enough to pay for your membership fee!

You may be able to change your high cost, high deductible insurance (which sticks you with paying for an MRI or CT out of pocket) with a lower cost catastrophic insurance plan that will cover medical emergencies like hospitalization, ER visits, and surgeries. This returns insurance to be used in the way it was originally intended. Insurance is used to pay for things that rarely happen, but you would not be able to afford if they did. You don’t use car insurance to change your windshield wipers or put gas in your car. Why do you need insurance to talk to your primary care doctor? You no longer have to go to urgent care or worry about paying a copay every time you need to see a doctor or get a refill on your medicine. You are able to text or call your doctor for expert advice. When appropriate, you will receive treatment immediately


When the doctor has eliminated the need for an army of insurance coders, billers, and office staff, they are able to lower your costs considerably, often times to a price equivalent to a monthly cell phone bill.

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