MIRA Direct Primary Care
Dr. Anthony Todd Flowers

  • address1000 Chinaberry Drive Bossier City, LA 71111
  • phone call(318) 965-6020

Primary Care Physician in Bossier City to Meet all of your Healthcare Needs

In today’s busy world, people need to take care of their health. This is where primary care health comes into play.

The community of primary care physicians in Bossier City has committed to maintaining the health of society through preventative care and treatment of diseases and injuries. Primary care physicians help you deal with chronic health conditions, and can plan ongoing visits and routine check-ups.

What is a Primary Care Physician

The Primary Care Physician helps to understand and navigate us, for better health and maintain high standards of living.

They generally treat patients for any ailments ranging from respiratory infections, urinary infections to Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Our physicians treat every disease, give medicines, and check every synergy between the disease. Your primary care physician is at the forefront of your health care and can make the difference between early intervention, delayed diagnosis, or misdiagnosis.

Common services include:

• Regular physical exams

• Prescribing medications

• Treating minor illnesses and injuries

• Managing chronic conditions

What are the key points you need to take care of before choosing a Primary Care Physician?

A Primary Care Physician tends to impact one’s life to a great extent, therefore a proper screening should be done and comfort level should also be taken into account.

Take a look at some key points below:

Consulting Hours:

Is the doctor’s work schedule compatible with your work schedule? Once you are our patient, you have access to Dr. Flowers’ and his nurse’s cell phone numbers. We are here to provide services 24/7 in emergency situations.


There is a one-time registration fee of $99, with a maximum of $150 for a family. For $89.99 a month per person (max $350/month for family), you get direct access to your physician through their cell phone, email, or even social media. There is NO copay, NO waiting time in the office, and NO restrictions on the length of an appointment time.

Benefits of this Practice

You can call and make an appointment or reschedule without any penalties or fees. We offer medicines at or near WHOLESALE cost.       X-rays, MRIs, and CTs are obtained at or near WHOLESALE prices, and these savings is passed onto the patient. We have an in-house pharmacy, so most generic medications are offered in our office without visiting a pharmacy.

Online Access

You have online access to your patient portal. You are able to access your portal from our app. You can make an appointment, check your labs, make a payment, etc.